Inspire repeat visits with fresh content

When you post useful and interesting content on a regular basis, it can inspire new and potential customers to interact with your online presence more often. Every visit is an opportunity to deliver your message, reinforce your brand, and build customer relationships.

A Consynia Bookmark™ digital marketing content program delivers engaging online material on a consistent schedule. By blending a marketing mindset with publishing best practices, we can help you build a content calendar and establish a steady rhythm.

Get timely output with less effort

We can work with you as an editorial consultant, a content developer, or both. We start by clearly defining the target audience and your objectives. Next, we compile a roster of real-world topics that are relevant to your customers. From that we develop a flexible plan that meshes with your current promotional programs — social media, blog posts, drip email, web content, and so on.

The process can be as collaborative or hands-off as you’d like. To minimize the burden on your team, we can develop each item, find and format images, and deliver final files. In many cases, marketing and technical reviewers need to provide feedback at just three stages of the process: outline, draft and final.


Let us outline the possibilities

We’ve created, guided and managed a variety of online content programs for products, product families and business units. To discuss your goals and possible approaches, please call us at 970-663-4568 or send a message to (please copy and paste into your email application).