Create a “tell me more” reaction

When you tell a benefit-centric story that truly connects with your customers, their response shifts from a skeptical “So what?” to an engaged “Tell me more.” That’s what good marketing is all about: getting more people to voluntarily jump into the top of your sales funnel.

The Consynia OneVoice™ message-development process produces a concise messaging platform that addresses the top questions in your customer’s mind: “How will you make my job easier?” and “What’s in it for me?” The message builds a bridge between your offering and the customer’s success—from their point of view.

Collaborate for powerful results

In a series of team-based workshops, we guide you through a proven process that creates a message focused on the real value you deliver to your customers. We capture the results in a three-page document that includes a set of high-leverage building blocks: the message and its core elements; support points that back up the message; and a summary of essential background information. These elements make it easy for your team to speak with one voice and give your program more impact.

The platform document will be a real time-saver for you, your team and your agencies. Individually and collectively, the platform elements can be easily leveraged into the marketing tools and content you need to create. Over time, the platform also serves as a touchstone that helps your team maintain focus and stay on-message.



We've used the OneVoice process to develop marketing messages for products, product lines, services, business units, companies and a consortium. To see some "before and after" examples, please call us at 970-663-4568 or send email to (please copy and paste into your email application).