Stay on track for greater mindshare

You can’t eliminate the uncertainty in a launch schedule, but we can help you add some predictability to your ongoing marketing program. The Consynia InView™ planning framework maps out a marketing program that stays visible even when product development schedules slip.

The first step is uncoupling the marketing plan from the launch program and putting them on parallel tracks. Envision your new marketing program as an express train that stops at a few select stations along the way: when the launch is ready, it can board at the next stop.

The next step is to create core content that can be modified, repurposed and delivered through different channels. Through repeated exposure to minor variations on a consistent theme, your message will sink in without wearing out your target audience.

Keep your message visible

Through one or more structured conversations, we can show you how to apply an outside-in approach that reprioritizes possible activities, reassesses the mix of deliverables, and identifies high-leverage content. This process can be used to evaluate existing programs, suggest improvements, or refocus your overall marketing calendar.

By putting your program on a new track, you can create a plan that keeps your brand, message and products in clear view of your customers—and keeps the story fresh.


Take a fresh look at your programs

We've used the InView process to plan marketing programs for products, product lines, and business units. To discuss your needs and possible solutions, please call us at 970-663-4568 or send a message to (please copy and paste into your email application).